Flogging Female Punishment

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flogging female punishment People are shocked by the very thought of judicial corporal punishment, but they shouldn't be. The Founders believed in judicial corporal punishment. Judicial corporal punishment is better than the social and economic disaster of modern mass incarceration.

flogging female punishment

flogging female punishment Female convicts were also subject to flogging as punishment, both on the convict ships and in the penal colonies. Although they were generally given fewer ...

flogging female punishment

flogging female punishment 29 Sep 2011 ... Saudi King Abdullah has again taken a step toward modernity. Yesterday, he revoked a sentence of 10 lashes imposed on a woman who drove ...

images flogging female punishment 9 Dec 2010 ... Punitive public floggings are the order of the day, according ... ... Women who were punished for such offences are usually too ashamed to ...

flogging female punishment

video flogging female punishment 1:13. Watch Later Whipping Scene(edited) -"The Last Sundown" by azoteotro 67,078 views. Scenes of Wemen being whipped as punishment for their crimes ...

flogging female punishment

pic flogging female punishment Colombia: Youth gets a public whipping on his legs as part of a tribal community punishment for murder. -- Ecuador: Various offenders (male and female) ...

first official use as Islamic punishment in Aceh province, 2005 ..... caning of girls not allowed in national (Malay-language) schools in Malaysia, but ... picture flogging female punishment

flogging female punishment

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Ironconjuror Says:
June 3 , 2011

flogging female punishment An Islamic woman in Mogadishu finally did it: she inflicted eleven lashes on an Islamic leader for threatening to flog her for selling cannabis. To justify the intended flogging of the woman before she turned on the male who had ordered it, the rulers pointed to a passage in the Koran that forbids the sale of all drugs except aspirin and antacids. He was the fist male to receive such punishment at the hands of a woman since the fundamentalist rulers seized control of the capital in June; in fact, the first Islamic male to be flogged by a woman since one of Mohammed's wives got upset with him for trying to make her wear heavy clothes in the summer.

Foge Says:
March 30 , 2011

18 Apr 2011 ... He was accused of prescribing a drug to a female patient that resulted ... Making the flogging punishment an almost impossible task, such as in ... flogging female punishment

Felhadwyn Says:
January 22 , 2011

During the months of April and May 2011, I had three sessions of "Synchrotize" facilitated by Heather Teach. Basically this process allows you to make a clear conscious choice in your life. For each session I stated an intention: 1) To balance my inner male and female, 2) To be in full alignment with my sovereignty, and 3) To allow my natural state of abundance, joy and laughter. I had such a profound experience in each one of these sessions that by the time they were over I felt connected to my soul in a way I'd never felt before. What happened next was that some of the most core aspects I've been harboring began rising to the surface to be experienced and integrated. Among them was bitterness towards women and God and a tendency to use women sexually for my own gain. Energy feeding can be seen within the way each of these aspects vie for attention. flogging female punishment

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